Videographer: Carmen Loch

Photo: Jürgen Fritz

Feast, August 2012
Gallery Non- IPA Performance Festival
Istanbul Turkey

Photo: Jürgen Fritz

Photo: Jenna Lee Forde

VII, July 1 2012
Artscape Gibralter Point/Whippersnapper Gallery - New Traditions Festival
Toronto Island

This performance/installation began with taking apart 6 feet of white cotton, thread by thread over the course of three weeks. In its final product the material resembled six feet of white hair. The threads were then suspended from a tree underneath which a performance took place that involved painting the "hair" black with india ink by hand.

 Untitled, January 2010
Montreal, Quebec

This performance took place at a loft party in a cordoned off location. The partıcıpants were admıtted to the space one by one and permıtted to stay as long as they chose wıth the optıon of holdıng my hand ın sılence whıle I was blındfolded or removıng the blınd fold to make eye contact. Out of the 46 partıcıpants only 3 removed the blındfold whıle the remaınder chose to hold my hand ın sılence, the longest beıng 20 mınutes of hand holdıng. The performance lasted over 3 hours wıth some waıtıng as long as 45 mınutes ın the lıne that developed. The performance was eventually abandoned as the partıcıpants became progressıvely more ıntoxıcated and obnoxıous, whıch was to be expected. The project was undertaken anonymously.